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SIMON Paging System at UVa

Smart Web Text Paging

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  • Amcom Global Search on Paging directory, On-Call and Personal Profile
  • On-Call schedules are viewable—current day as well as future dates
  • Paging capability from all screens
  • Personal Profile—One time login with NetBadge. User is prompted for ID (PIC), generic password of "11111" and then prompted to change password. After the first login process, the user's ID is stored in the database. The next time the system is accessed, the user will authenticate via NetBadge only. Personal profile will allow users to change status, assign exception coverages with start and end times, and retrieve messages.

Other Changes

  • Paging line (500) is set up for both paging and user change of status. After dialing 500, users are prompted to dial * for status change or to "Dial ID to page".
  • Meet-Me-Paging is accessed by dialing a new extension (510). Here the caller dials the PIC number and also records the caller's name. A page is then generated with a special "Meet-Me-Paging" callback extension. When the individual calls that extension, they hear the caller's name and can choose to accept or decline the call. If declined, the caller is forwarded to the operator to leave a name and number. The operators then originate a new page with that information.
  • New status code added to allow users to switch between in-house pager and wide area pager without needing operator intervention.
    • Status code 10—Available on in-house pager
    • Status code 11—Available on wide area pager
  • System will auto dial individual's PIC number that is signed out to Status 17 (local number such as office or cell phone), instead of callers having to hang up and redial.

Page Updated: 2015-05-22